Mother & daughter time

mum-meNext week, I’ll be taking my mum to a vegan cooking and yoga retreat in Hepburn Springs for few days. I’m so looking forward to spending this time away with her, to give her my undivided attention – that’s the intention I have set for those days. Sure, I’ll be doing yoga and learning more about vegan cooking, which I know I’ll enjoy, but they’ll be secondary to ‘simply being’ with my mother.

It may sound like I don’t spend much time with my mum. I probably don’t. Generally because she lives 45 minutes away, and, of course, there’s always something else that ‘needs’ to be done – most of which are not as important as hanging out with her. And when we do get together, the time is punctuated by other diversions – siblings, partners, nephews, cooking, chores – like any other family gatherings, I suppose. So my good intentions of giving her my time, where it’s just the two of us, rarely happens.

This story of my mum and me may resonate with you – cause you to think about what’s important in your life, but that you don’t necessarily make the time for. The adage ‘actions speak louder than words’ rings so true here: what we choose to make time for in our lives speaks volumes about what’s most important to us. (Note to self: social media is not more important than writing, or spending time with my husband.)

When I think of what I care about the most, I keep coming back to this: spending time with my immediate family and close friends, looking after my health (eating real food, walking, yoga, meditation), writing and contributing to the greater community – and to do them with consciousness.

Anything that takes me away from what matters to me deserves very little of my (or no) time. Because try as hard as I might, I can’t do it all – at least, not with full awareness. Besides, it makes life a one big blur, and rather stressful.

So this retreat is a conscious mark of putting what’s important to me first – and cultivating a life of purpose.

What do you want to make conscious time for?

11 thoughts on “Mother & daughter time”

  1. Such a wonderful and loving post 🙂

    Too often we realise, consciously, what matters to us only once it’s gone… Maybe because our urges and desires have a much louder voice? Or because we are listening more to others than ourselves?

    Conscious, mindful living, now and then stepping back and looking at ourselves and our life is the best way to find out what is really important.

    I wish you both an energising retreat experience!

    1. Thanks you so Much, Maria. Mum & I had a great time. Lots of lovely food with great people at the retreat too. And our chef, Alexis was absolutely amazing. So full of knowledge, which he shared openly and graciously.
      Yes, we do listen to others before we reflect into our inner selves to work out what is really important to us – your words are so true! Thanks again. I love your little visits here. I’m sorry, I’m not a great visitor as you are! xx

      1. I enjoy my little visits here 😀 – in any case, we don’t need to leave a comment every time we read a new post. Often enough I’ve got only time to press the “Like” button to show that I appreciated the post, and to tweet it.

        On my blog I’ve started a new category of visual links to other blogs; Guerilla Goodness is the first. Would you mind if I added your blog to this list with your gravatar image?

        Have a great day!

        PS: Just realised that “retreat” actually means “stepping back”…

      2. Thanks for the tip re the like button and tweeting – I don’t use them often enough!
        Yes, I’d be honored to feature on your Guerilla Goodnes list. Thanks so much for thinking of me. So very generous of you! 🙂 x

        (PS: never thought about ‘retreat as ‘stepping back’ – how very apt!)

    1. Thanks Cassandra! Don’t worry about it, just do it! If you’d like to run everyday, go for it. It doesn’t have to be a long one. Even 20 minutes will make you feel great. That’s the approach I have with yoga. If I can’t do a full practice, I’ll do a 20 minute one at home 🙂

  2. I love this post! I recently did a similar thing – my mum and I went to a yoga retreat in Thailand last week. It was a blissful time and such a lovely thing to do together. I need to make more time for family, particularly my grandparents who I rarely see. I’m sure to regret that one day.

    1. WOW! A yoga retreat in Thailand – that’s beautiful. 🙂 You sound like you’re already on your way, spending valuable time with your loved ones. And because you’re conscious of making sure that you do, you will naturally make more time for them. It might not be as much as you hope for, but be happy that it’s something (this is what I tell myself all the time!). All the best! 🙂

  3. Great post. My daughter and I were very close but she now lives away from home and we hardly see each other. I have asked her about some mom and daughter time yesterday, she said she would stay over tonght but just got a text saying that she won’t be but coming down for a couple of hours. I miss her so much. I do want some time for us but there hardly is time these days.

    You are lucky to have great time with your mom. Thank you for this lovely post and I wish you and your mom all the best. 🙂

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