3 tips to rotate your foods for variety and nutrition

veggiesDo you eat the same foods day in and day out, all year round? Many do this without giving it a second thought. But variety is the key to life — and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to our food.

With that in mind, I have 3 easy tips that will help you rotate your foods and maximise your nutrition. Not only that, these tips will make eating fun!

1. Eat seasonally

Different fruits and vegetables grow at different times of the year. This is nature’s way of helping us get the vitamins and minerals we need. Eating seasonally also means you’ll get more nutrients, as non-seasonal produce loses its nutritional power over long storage times.

If you’re not sure what’s in season, ask your green grocer, or shop at farmers’ markets where you’ll only find seasonal produce.

2. Eat colourfully

While getting your daily serving of fruit and vegetables is important, it’s also ideal to vary their colours — the colour of each produce tells us about its nutrition profile. For example, green ones typically have chlorophyll, folate, calcium and vitamin C; and orange ones beta-carotene and vitamin C.

So when you eat, think in colours — the more colours you include in each meal, the more nutrients (including antioxidants) you’ll get.

3. Eat diversely

One of the easiest ways to introduce variety in your diet is to make a habit of eating something different regularly. You could try different cuisines or new recipes once a week, rotate your proteins and carbohydrates from day-to-day, and introduce more vegetarian meals if you haven’t already. Creating a weekly meal plan will make it easy to shop for the ingredients you need.

Make these three tips a habit, and you won’t have to think about food rotation — it’ll happen naturally.

*I wrote a similar article that was published on the Swisse Vitamins website last year. I thought it was valuable enough to share it with my readers here. If you enjoyed and got some value out of it, please share it with your family and friends using one of the share buttons below. Thanks.

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Lesh is a writer, a proud mama of two fur babies, and a late-blooming plant parent. She's sensitive, introverted and a Piscean. Words affect her deeply.

9 thoughts on “3 tips to rotate your foods for variety and nutrition”

  1. Thanks Lesh! I have been thoroughly enjoying your posts! Mick and I are getting more and more creative everyday and having so much fun! Tonight it’s Buckwheat and Roast vegetable and herb salad! Followed by almond meal pecan and carob cookies! YUM! Keep the fabulous posts coming! Cheers from Bec (of Cadogan Gardens!)

    1. Hello Bec, so lovely to *meet* you! So glad to hear you’re enjoying my posts. Makes me feel good that I can help others with their food and health choices. And Mick is one lucky guy – I’ve heard about all the yummy, wholesome and adventurous foods you’ve been cooking up for him. Tonight’s dinner sounds so delicious – can I come over? :p

    1. Thanks leaf. The one that challenges me the most is “eat diversely”. Like Kathryn, I need to pull out my cookbooks and check out some of my favourite food blogs for inspiration. But, yes, definitely something to strive towards! 🙂

  2. Good tips Lesh, but the “eating diversely” particularly spoke to me. This is always the one that gets dropped when I’m busy, tired, not in the mood. But it’s such a good way of livening up your food, as well as improving your overall nutrition. I’m just coming out of a slight cooking funk. And one of the things that’s helping to re-energise my food, is exactly your eating diversely point. I’ve been buying different spices, new vegetables and pulling my cookery books out – and I’ve been cooking some new and delicious meals.

    1. Yep, it’s the one I need to constantly remind myself of too, otherwise I loose interest in cooking! Can’t have that 😉 Love that you’ve been trying out different spices. Hope you share your new delicious meals on your blog. Would love to check them out.

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