Why counting calories is a waste of time

I know that some people try to eat a certain number of calories to lose or maintain a certain weight.

But I believe there’s something fundamentally wrong that.

It focuses on calories – not the type of food.

Calories just mean energy. You can get energy (calories) from any type of food — processed and real.

This means that counting calories doesn’t teach you about making healthy food choices to nourish and look after your body as you age.

Which means people get blind-sighted — because all they can think about is how many calories they are eating instead of what they’re putting into their body.

Think about it.

What is more likely to give you what your body (and mind) needs:

 An avocado or BBQ shapes?

[I hope you answered the avocado!]

Yet, I bet an avocado has more calories per serve than BBQ shapes do.

So I think it’s about time we started counting how many wholefoods we eat instead of calories.

This is something that I came up with a while ago (it’s a play on the idiom, get more bang for your buck):

Get more bang for your calorie.

The ‘bang’ being nutrients from whole foods, of course!

This is just another way of saying eat nutrient-loaded foods. But I really had to put calories into context of wholefoods.

If you start thinking about how much nutrition (from real food) that you can pack per calorie the better off you’ll be.

I don’t count calories. Never have. As I’ve always believed that calories hinder rather than help (and food shouldn’t be this complex anyway!) — because people get hung up on the numbers rather than the kind of food they’re eating. Like thinking it’s ok to regularly drink coke zero and eat certain fast food meals, for example.

If you eat real food (most of the time) and pack as much nutrition as you can per meal, you’ll find that you don’t need to worry about calories.

3 thoughts on “Why counting calories is a waste of time”

  1. Hear hear! It’s stupid to count calories, and wastes your brain power. Learning to balance meat with good amounts of fruits. veg, and yes carbs and fats too, is a more sensible and time-tested approach. Our great grandmothers were healthy, they simply ate whole foods and didn’t think too much about each indiv food group, nor have they heard about calories at all I bet, instead, making do with what they have to make a substantial balanced healthy meal. My friends drink coke zero because it’s zero calorie and I’m like.. really????! grahh.

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