Chocolate, walnut & maple slice


Chocolate-Wanut-Maple-Slice-1I adapted this recipe from an e-magazine published by An Honest Kitchen, titled Seasonal Desserts. This slice is moist, dense and fudge-y — just how I like it!

Total cooking time: 1 hour; Makes about 20–25 squares (I tend to slice mine on the smaller side)

This recipe is gluten-free and grain-free.

  • 200 g 70% dark chocolate
  • 1 x 400g tin (or 250 g cooked) chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 100 ml full fat natural yoghurt or sour cream (or use coconut cream or coconut yoghurt for a dairy free version)
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup (80 ml) maple syrup
  • 3 eggs
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • ½ cup walnuts, chopped

Preheat oven to 170C

Line a 20 cm square baking tin with baking paper

Break chocolate into small pieces

Melt chocolate in a large bowl sitting over a saucepan of gently simmering water, making sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water

While the chocolate is melting, process the chickpeas in your food processor until you have a chunky chickpea mash (it’s best to leave some small chunky pieces of chickpeas for some texture)

Add the yoghurt/sour cream, cocoa powder, maple syrup, salt and eggs to the chickpea mash in the food processor and blitz until just combined

Remove the bowl of melted chocolate from the pan of simmering water

Tip the chickpea mixture into the bowl of melted chocolate (not the other way around) and mix until combined

Stir in the chopped walnuts

Pour mixture into prepared tin

Bake for 30–40 minutes until the slice is just set in the middle

Cool completely on a wire rack

Cut into small squares and enjoy a slice

Store in an airtight container for up to five days in the fridge.  You can also freeze the slices.

36 thoughts on “Chocolate, walnut & maple slice”

  1. Hi Lesh – reasons I would love to win a soft copy of this lovely looking book with an even lovelier name – I have only recently started looking at your site so this would be a perfect motivator to know more…I am trying to concieve my first baby and have been advised to go for healthy sweet alternatives so again ~this would help no end and for a totally unrelated reason…Your last name is the same as my big brother’s first name :)! Oh and…seeing the comment about ladoos had me perusing youtube for ladoo recipes despite it being quarter to 1 in the morning. This is anything but a breif comment but I hope your app picks me! 🙂 Best, Naina

  2. I would love to win a copy of ‘An Honest Kitchen – Seasonal Desserts’ because I have just recently made the decision to change the way I have been eating and therefore cooking. I have many beautiful recipe books, but they are all geared to my former style of cooking, so it would be great to have a new book to use to keep me ‘on track’ with the choice that I have made. Only today I discovered your blog when searching for a recipe to make coconut flour, and I have signed up to receive your newsletter. Thank you for providing such an informative and visually appealing blog and newsletter!

  3. A soft copy would make a wonderful start to my new healthy cooking adventure, trying to come up with motivational and interesting meals, snacks and delicacies are not easy for a modern career woman trying to look after herself! Thanks for a great blog and inspiration that can be used anywhere in the world and is so appreciated here in South Africa 🙂

  4. People like you and Kathryn and Lucinda are amazing! So much wonderful information for us all. I have only just discovered what ‘real food’ really is and I’m loving it. I would love a hard copy of An Honest Kitchen give away to give me even more inspiration (I live in beautiful Queensland). Thanks for the chance.

  5. I would LOVE a copy of this book as I am a little obsessed with healthy baking and treats as I have two beautiful children. I love to cook and love to eat even more (especially little sweeties) but more than any of these I love to see my children glow with health, inside and out.

  6. Hi Lesh,
    I would love to win a copy of the recipe book. I have heaps of allergies so having access to more natural and seasonal recipes would help me generate ideas at meal times.
    Am loving the website and newsletters.

  7. I’d love to win so that I could have some new recipes to try – I need some food inspiration.

    I’m in Australia.

  8. Happy Easter to one and all. I would love to win a copy of this amazing book as I would love to share my cooking with others and my friends love my desserts. Would love to cook / prepare something more wholesome for them:)

  9. I would love a copy of the Seasonal Desserts because I have had a love for baking from childhood. I am more recently embarking on a holisitic and healthy journey in life, and I want to read, learn, bake everything that I get my hands on! Thank you for this opportunity and all of the other awesome infomation you provide.

    Maryland, United States

  10. I think that would be fascinating but I’m in the United States; so if that counts me out that ok (love your blog anyway).

  11. Well, I’m off to cook that chocolate slice!

    Oh, and of course I’d love to win because I’m quite passionate (although hubby thinks loopy) about eating real, healthy, additive free food and nourishing my three lovely little boys aged 4, 2 and 1 with good, homemade yummies!

  12. I am over a month sugar free {all sugars, natural too…} and it is much easier than I thought it would be…Being wheat free helps a lot. No temptations at the cafe! I would love to win the soft cover {Canada} for my Best Friend who is cooking for two autistic boys. She is making their lives as healthy and wonderful as she can. I think this would help her a lot with “treat time”…
    Cheers and thank you for sharing the above recipe and for the giveaway!

  13. I would love to win a copy of this desert book. I have two boys who love desert, but we only have it as a treat (fill them up on veggies :-)… so I’d love some new real food ideas desert ideas.

  14. I would love to win this cookbook because my friends and family deserve it! Cooking and sharing beautiful food is one of my most FAVOURITE ways to spend my time. Please pick me, app!!
    Ps Lesh, love your blog. Inspiring! Now off to blend those chick peas for choccie slice..yum:-)
    Pps I’m in Australia


  15. Hi Lesh, sooooo coool to see how far you are going wirh your wonderful work! Such an inspiration. I def will make this slice. my soon to be 15yr old loves maple syrup. yes, would loooove a copy of hardcover book to share wirh my girls. they love baking, and mindful baking is so good to instil in them while still young!! Hugs n kisses, CCC.

  16. I would really love to win a copy of the book. Not too long ago now I purchased a Thermomix, and have become very interested in what is in my food and how my body reacts to the food. I have started to try to use whole foods for cooking and would really enjoy this book. I am in Queensland, Australia.

  17. Love eating vegetarian and vegan, organic and homegrown foods. Following a seasonal diet inspires me to be creative in the kitchen. I love my savoury cooking and need to improve my dessert making skills… Would absolutely love a copy of An Honest Kitchen’s Seasonal Desserts! I live in Victoria, Australia.

  18. Great posts, Lesh. I would love to win this book as I have a very sweet tooth and am always on the hunt for slightly healthier option that still give me a sweet fix : )

  19. Hi Lesh,

    I’d love to win a copy of the book because I love to bake! 🙂
    btw, I just made your banana cake…so yummy!
    I’m in the U.S.


  20. I would LOVE a copy of this book because I really enjoy trying new recipes and am passionate about eating as clean as possible. I currently have a pan of your date and nut protein bars in the oven! I am from Canada and living in Melbourne Australia.

  21. i love your site lesh and the way you talk about food as an important part of the way we go through from albania 🙂

  22. i would love a copy of this book because i am a junkie for healthy desserts. Since i started eating healthy and somewhat raw The Mindful Foodie has been an awesome help for healthy yet delicious foods & desserts. I just made your Mango ‘Cheesecake’ and it was fabulousssss..!!! 🙂
    I live in Ghana(West Africa).

  23. Hi Lesh.
    I have been loving your site – well researched information in addition to great recipes. Thanks so much for providing such a beneficial health service to society.
    I would be so grateful for a copy of Seasonal Desserts, as I am doing my best to ensure everything I ingest has some nutritional benefit – and I am a massive dessert lover. So I am in the process of experimenting with healthy and nutrient filled sweets rather than traditional empty calorie baking and cooking.
    Keep up the good work 🙂
    (I am in Australia)

  24. Totally gutted to use nearly a kg of my beloved Coconut Sugar on Sunday in an attempt to make Quince Paste only to chuck it in the bin – not so much paste as a sticky, bricky, uncuttable Quince block. LOL

  25. Just had a go at making your chocolate slice. Just as it came out the oven and I tasted a bit all hot, and ohh my god it’s so good!! The texture is amazing! Like super-soft and moist chocolate souffle! And it’s pretty light – not dense like I had anticipated! I altered the recipe a little to make it less sweet (I tasted the batter before baking to check it was sweet enough) – I didn’t add the maple syrup – instead I put a little yoghurt / milk mixture; and instead of chopped nuts I put ground almonds. Soooo gooood!! 😀 Thank you for the recipe! I will definitely be making this one again!

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