A mini reflection of 2013

I’ve never been the type to set New Year’s goals or resolutions.

If I make up my mind to try or change something, I usually give it a go regardless of the time of year.

2013 was a little different. I had given myself 2 words to focus on: movement and relationships. {If you’ve been reading my e-letters for at least a year, you may recall that I mentioned these in January.}

I had chosen these words intuitively.

Here’s a mini reflection on each of my two words for 2013.


I had set a guiding goal of 3 yoga classes a week {at home or a studio} and a 45-minute walk on weekdays.

On average, I did yoga in a studio twice a week and 45-minute walks 3 times per week {I went for shorter walks on other days}.

Overall, though, because I had chosen ‘movement’ as one of my central themes for 2013, I became more conscious of how much I was moving in general ~ or, to be specific, how much I was sitting.

This is where I succeeded my yoga and walking goals.

What this meant was that I became very conscious of times when I’d be sitting for 2­–3 hours straight, especially while writing and finalising my first book.

When I’d catch myself, I would get up to stretch, make myself some herbal tea, do some quick housework, prep dinner or go for a mini walk with my dogs.

Cooking, testing and styling the recipes for the ebook helped too, and so did working in the city one day a week {where I would stand at a high bench top and type; it was the perfect height}.

Just choosing the word movement was like having an imaginary pedometer embedded in my brain, inspiring me to move.


I didn’t really have any guiding goals for this word. I just knew I wanted deeper, more connected relationships with the core people in my life, and meet more people who were positive and supportive in general.

I don’t know how to measure this, but I know in my gut and heart that my relationship with my husband is stronger and more loving. What helped, for sure, is that I’ve been more forthcoming in telling him how grateful I am for what he brings into our relationship and our lives.

I’ve also been nagging hubby less by accepting his traits and behaviours that are, shall I say, not my favourite or differ to how I approach things. By doing this, I was accepting ALL of him.

It’s not to say that I didn’t nag at all {or won’t in the future ~ sorry hubby!}, but I became more conscious of the ‘automatic’ nagging that would slip my mouth, and because of that I ended up nagging less. I realised in the big scheme of life, the little things I nagged about were not worth it {in comparison to having a loving relationship with my husband}.

I also made a conscious effort to connect more with my sister and her two gorgeous boys {my nephews}, by calling and seeing her more often. I also offered my babysitting services, which she hasn’t taken full advantage of yet! {Get onto that one, won’t ya, sis?}

The last thing I want to say about relationships is that I became more aware of the relationship I have with myself, by understanding more of how I naturally ‘operate’ in the world.

I had done a little inner work on myself later this year, working with mindfulness coach, Kate James, and reading a few books, including Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking, which helped me to understand {and accept} myself more. It made me realise why I related to people the way I do, why I ‘operate’ the way I do, and why I’m not a ‘ra ra’ or bubbly outgoing person ~ and that it’s ok not to be one either. It also helped me understand with whom I’m more likely to make friends with, too.

I found that having two words in areas that I wanted to improve on really helped me ~ because it wasn’t complicated. But I needed more ways to remind myself of the words and to hold myself accountable {although talking with hubby and friends helped}.

For 2014, I’m trialling something different. Something more outlined {but not rigid}, and I’m putting myself out there to hold myself accountable. To be honest, I’m a bit nervous ~ but also excited. More about that in 2014.

Over to you:

  • Have you ever tried using the two words concept {or core values} before?
  • What will your words be for 2014? And, for bonus points, think about why you’ve chosen these words ~ are they a true {authentic} fit for you?

Feel free to share in the comments below.

Wishing you a happy and soul-nourishing 2014.

13 thoughts on “A mini reflection of 2013”

    1. Thank you Ing! You are a true sweetheart.Really blessed to have readers like you. Lesh x
      {PS: didn’t realise you had a blog ~ it’s really thoughtful and full of compassion. Just like you, I would imagine.}

  1. I just started reading Quiet a few days ago and I can already tell I will have a better understanding of myself by the end of the book. I have never tried using a few words/concepts before, but I think they will be ‘nourishment’ (focusing on nourishing my husband and my body, mind, and spirit and picking what is REALLY healthy, not just what we want) and ‘others’ (what the few people I love around me really need from me).

    1. Hello Natalie, thank you for sharing your words here. The are beautiful ones to have. Wishing you and your family plenty of nourishment, Lesh x

  2. Hi Lesh
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Great post- it really resonated with me. The idea of using words or concepts appeals to me. Look forward to hearing more about your approach for 2014.
    Best wishes x

  3. Lesh, these are great reflections and your words have been on my mind since the post came out, but I’m just getting around to commenting! This post has helped me really focus my aspirations around one word (or one phrase). Funny enough, movement is one of them. I have an active lifestyle and regularly run, walk and do yoga, but movement outside of those 45 min first thing in the morning is minimal and I’d like to change that. Also “single-pointed focus” for efficient and productivity sake is another focus for me. And ironically your Dalai Lama quote was in my post last January for my 2013 aspirations. 😉 Thank you for the inspiration and motivation in this new year! And congratulations on your e-book, what an accomplishment!

  4. I love the two words concept Lesh – it’s so simple and effective. Like you, I loved the book Quiet and found it helped me make room for my choices to do less, not more.

    Thanks for mention. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. x

    1. Hello Kate, It’s my pleasure. I truly enjoyed working with you and found it very helpful. You do great work, and people need to know about it. 🙂 Lesh x

  5. I have just read this post and need to do some thinking about it. I have never thought much about my core values consciously. But I need to say that reading what you wrote in this post I understand why I relate so much to you. I think we are a lot alike. That’s probably why what you say resonates with me and makes me think more deeply about things. I wish you a wonderful year in 2014.

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