Spring cleaning that creates inner space (and calm)

Melbourne’s weather is hinting spring.


With it, I’m getting the urge to clean and declutter. Not in the typical sense, but, rather, the things we cannot see or touch, and that unconsciously become a part of us. Like negative thought patterns, and the digital stuff that takes up more of our lives than I really care for.

With that urge in full force, I quit facebook a few weeks ago. Quit as in deleted (not the timid deactivated option) my account, including The Mindful Foodie page.

Years of virtual stuff gone just like that, with the push of a virtual button. It took up too much sacred mental and soul space, you see. Looking, scrolling, comparing, consuming ads (without one’s choice), thinking of writing something witty to go with the photo I just took (or am about to take), thinking I should update my page and feeling guilty when I didn’t!

I’ve been observing myself since, my behaviours and thoughts. The mind seems calmer, and there’s more mental space to create.

I’ve been taking the initiative to call and catch up with loved ones, nourishing what feels like long-lost friendships. There have been new ones springing up too. The irony of disconnecting to connect!


14 thoughts on “Spring cleaning that creates inner space (and calm)”

  1. Love the new website! And as a bonus, it views much better on my phone than the old one did 🙂 I have thought many times of ditching facebook, but I do like being able to follow causes that are important to me – most are much more active on facebook than their websites unfortunately. That said, maybe it’s time to review all of that again.

    1. Thanks for the kind words about my new site. FB doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but if you’re finding it super distracting, perhaps take a little break to see how you feel 🙂

  2. Wow – great digital spring cleaning 🙂
    Facebook deletion – I’ve often thought of it myself but can’t quite bring myself to do it yet.

    The site looks really beautiful Lesh- I’m so glad Warren was able to help you make the upgrade.

  3. I took two weeks off Facebook (both personal and business pages) when we took our family summer break and it was so liberating – my mind felt so much calmer! A month later and I have been sucked back into the personal scrolling, but somehow can’t face reactivating the business page – mainly for the reasons you cite above. You’ve strengthened my resolve to not add this particular digital pressure to my already overloaded mind, and reminded me that I don’t necessarily have to have a presence in the digital space if I choose not to. Thank you!

  4. Oh, well done, Lesh! I can relate to all of what you say, though I don’t think I’m quite brave enough … I’ve had a few breaks and found I’ve come back more invigorated, but now spend less time browsing others’ pages. I also find decluttering my environment to be very liberating. Next time I’m in Melbourne, would definitely love to catch up with you to chew the fat over a coffee!

  5. Great post

    I was only talking about this the other day.

    Why is it we put such value in a Facebook account?

    Surely we used to cope in the past without it.

    I’m going to give it a dry run.


  6. What you have done is let go of the virtual connections in favor of real ones. Smart move. You now have time for real connections. Your life will be much better for it.

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