2015 goals?


What is it about a new year? Is it about starting afresh, having a clean canvas to paint?

1st January is just another day in our lives.

Even so, I love the ‘line in the sand’ a date can create. Crossing over 31st December does give a sense of new beginnings. Especially because it makes me reflect on what I learnt in the previous year – about myself and the type of life I wish to lead – and how I can translate that into the next. It also helps to write about it here, as a record for future contemplation, accountability and change.

Even though I have a handful of projects and experiments in store for 2015, these days, I don’t set concrete goals. It’s more about lifestyle and not ‘achievements’. This calls for conscious awareness of what works and what doesn’t, and, then, to build supportive habits. This is a life-long process.

Over the last few years, I’ve tried different approaches.

Last year, I used my core values – freedom, health, deep connection, integrity and calm – as my guiding light.

In 2013, I used the ‘two words’ idea (my two words were connection and movement), and in 2012, I created a mission statement:

To live a holistic, happy life by making mindful time for people most important to me, eating nutritious food, looking after my health and having a career that doesn’t feel like a job.

All of these ‘goals’ and aspirations for a life well-lived still ring true. In fact, in writing this post, I see a strong theme – the importance I place on my holistic health and the people around me for my happiness.

This year, I’m trialling Alexandra Franzen’s – whom I consider my virtual mentor – five questions for a bright clear and focussed new year:

  1. What am I bored with? The seriousness around food, and the same old routine.
  2. What do I want more of? Self-belief, light-heartedness and fun.
  3. What can I let go of? Taking responsibility for other’s feelings.
  4. What would give me peace of mind? Being punctual and patient, trusting life.
  5. What am I devoted to? Being helpful, kind and thoughtful.

What about you?

6 thoughts on “2015 goals?”

  1. YES!

    bored by the seriousness around food.

    loads of goodies in here, but that one struck a chord with moi.

    loose goals – i like this a lot. x

  2. Lovely, Lesh! I’m a teacher and with students we have “try to”, so much self loathing can happen when you don’t get things “right” or achieve your goals. We try to! I sooooo prefer a direction rather than a destination.

  3. I really like these questions. I will be giving these questions serious thought. I have some ideas, don’t know if achieving them is possible, but at least it gives me something to work toward.

    By the way, I don’t know where you wanted the answer to whether we’d be interested in a print copy of your ebook. I would be interested. I tend to prefer print books anyway, but when it’s a book that one needs to think about, print is much better.

  4. Hmm, a lot of good thoughts here. I like all of your yearly renditions for defining your lifestyle inspirations. And this year’s questions are a great way to think about them too – I might share them with clients. I think along similar lines as you when it comes to New Year resolutions. I like to think of setting intentions for making lifestyle enhancements, which encourages me to think of my long-term vision for why I want the change, rather than resolutions that don’t really answer the *why*.

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