on my mind
Three years post surgery
it’s growing back, again
I can tell //
Each month
pain creeps up a notch
and more blood spills
Mirena*, you working no more?

An attack of uveitis^
on the first day
of my last period
Red, sticky, hot, pain
in my eye
and in my womanhood
Is this merely a coincidence?

My immune system toils
unable to keep up
with inflammation that boils
Into my bladder, into my bowels
I worry endo will grow //
I can no longer afford
Devious, heating foods
gluten, red meat, dairy, coffee#
Must I give you up absolutely?

I see the women on TV
who are like me
My throat constricts
at our raw pain for all to see
I pray for us
to be understood
Hope, I cling to desperately
Endo, don’t infiltrate our Souls
and take us over completely

*Mirena is a contraceptive IUD (intra-uterine device) that is also a treatment option for managing endo symptoms.

^Uveitis is an autoimmune condition of the eye.

#I’m trialling an anti-inflammatory diet to see if it helps.

†The last episode of Insight (an SBS TV program) this year was on endometriosis. Heart breaking.

More about endometriosis here. If you suspect you have endo – e.g. heavy bleeding, taking time off work/activities because of period pain – see your doctor for a referral to an endo specialist. Please.

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