What I know for sure

Community – a sense of belonging – cures loneliness.

Real love – romantic or otherwise – doesn’t demand that I change; it accepts me wholeheartedly.

Seeking love to complete myself is a shade of co-dependency.

My health and happiness is my responsibility.

My thoughts shape my life. “Nothing is more powerful to mould the Human Life that thought.” ~ The Bhagavad Gita (My mum quoted this in my birthday card last year.)

What someone says about me or how they treat me is always about them – never me. And vice versa. While I know this for sure, I forget often.

My purpose doesn’t need to be grand, mind-blowing or something that changes the world. To quote Dr Libby Weaver in Exhausted to Energized, it can be “to simply live each of your moments fully and marvel at it all”.

I am grateful that my basic needs are amply met – it means I have the luxury to live freely and ponder the meaning of it all.

When I am well-fed and well-rested, with time for solitude, I am a much nicer person.

Having the space to do things – with breathing spaces in between those things – makes whatever I’m doing enjoyable.

Cuddling my fur babies in the morning, with the sounds of birds tweeting as the backdrop, is one of my greatest pleasures.

I feel safe, grounded, and warm and fuzzy when I receive a six-second hug. Cuddling my fur babies totally counts.

Play lightens the load and makes life fun, and the unbearable a bit easier to bear.

It takes courage to be myself in a noisy world. I worry how people perceive me. I think I should be a certain way to be worthy (of what?). I’m learning to give myself permission to discover and be who I am, on repeat.

Dancing makes my soul smile.

Inspired by the title of Oprah Winfery’s book What I Know for Sure.

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