Hello there, I’m Lesh.

I’m a Piscean who’s married to a spunky Sri Lankan man, and a proud mama of two cuddly fur babies.

Once upon a time I ran a website called The Mindful Foodie, where I shared delicious wholefood recipes. I couldn’t let them go, so you’ll find them here. (Enjoy!)

In Feb 2014, I completed one of my biggest projects for The Mindful Foodie — an ebook with 93 wholefood recipes + a holistic guide on eating well. You can download it for free.

I had started The Mindful Foodie in January 2011 after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called endometriosis. Food became about healing, and The Mindful Foodie a place to share my wholefood recipes and thoughts on eating.

But that website is now longer…a story for another day, perhaps.

I had stopped blogging for a while…and now here I am after a couple of years’ hiatus. To express in words my reflections on life, and to share it with the world, almost like an open journal, is calling me back. Mostly, I wish to reflect on experiences relating to:

Thank you for visiting my humble online abode.