Hello there, I’m Lesh.

At heart, I’m a writer and on this site you’ll find my musings on life, as well as recipes from a past era as The Mindful Foodie.

While I’ve worn a few different career hats, one thing has remained consistent throughout: using words to process life.

Right now, I’m working as a Digital Content Specialist for a fantastic company that provides wellness programs and services to workplaces.

Before that, I worked as an Assistant Editor and a Wellness Writer for an online magazine, and have over 8 years’ experience working as a freelance Health and Medical Writer. Way before that, I practiced as a pharmacist and instructed aerobics in the years before Les Mills was a thing.

I’ve also contributed to well-known sites such as MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha, and Kris Carr. And once upon a time, I ran a website called The Mindful Foodie, where I posted mostly vegetarian wholefood recipes and published a recipe and healthy-eating ebook.

If you’re curious about my credentials, they include a Bachelor of Pharmacy, a Masters of Medical Science and a Certificate IV in Professional Writing & Editing.

On the personal side of things, I’m a Piscean – which means periods of solitude are critical for my wellbeing – who’s a proud mama of two cuddly fur babies. I was born in Fiji, and migrated with my family to Melbourne, Australia over 30 years ago – at the impressionable and vulnerable age of 13.

Being sensitive and introverted, I tend to overthink life and process the everyday more deeply than many others. Words affect me. But with age, I have learned – and am still learning – that it is possible to be who you are amongst the noise, to trust yourself, to be much kinder – to yourself and others.

Some people I admire are Alexandra Franzen (for her generosity and sage advice delivered with compassion), my sister (for her passion and ability to know – and do – the right thing over what’s comfortable) and an artist friend (for pursuing her dreams of writing and publishing poetry, courageously abandoning the conventional).

Thank you for visiting my little online abode. Feel free to read my stories or cook up one (or more!) of my recipes – I hope whatever you discover here adds more deliciousness to your life.

~ Lesh x