Need something written but don’t know how to string the words together for the best effect?

Or perhaps you think you can do it yourself or get a staff member to write it?  But if words aren’t your (or their) thing, then you risk your message not getting across at all – whether it’s educational or promotional. Not only that, but you could also end up looking unprofessional if grammatical and spelling errors are strewn throughout.

As a professional writer and editor who focuses on medical and health genres, I always want to know what you want your audience/customer to think, know, do or feel – so that I make sure my prose delivers. Clarity is also key. So is brevity and simplicity – because people don’t have time to read anymore.

That’s why you want someone who knows what she’s doing.

My services include:

  • researching and writing material to an agreed  brief
  • rewriting or repurposing material you want to update or make more reader-friendly
  • copyediting – editing material to style and for grammar and punctuation; and clarifying copy that’s unclear
  • proofreading.

To give you an idea, the type of projects I’ve worked on include (but are not limited to) articles, blog posts, ebooks, information papers, e-newsletters, educational material, medical meeting minutes, website content and print materials (e.g. flyers, brochures and booklets).

Want to hire me?

Thank you – I’m chuffed. But, for now, I’m grateful to say that my plate is wonderfully full and I’m not taking on any more work for the time being. Watch this space for when I’m available again. Thanks for your interest.