Mother & daughter time

mum-meNext week, I’ll be taking my mum to a vegan cooking and yoga retreat in Hepburn Springs for few days. I’m so looking forward to spending this time away with her, to give her my undivided attention – that’s the intention I have set for those days. Sure, I’ll be doing yoga and learning more about vegan cooking, which I know I’ll enjoy, but they’ll be secondary to ‘simply being’ with my mother.

It may sound like I don’t spend much time with my mum. I probably don’t. Generally because she lives 45 minutes away, and, of course, there’s always something else that ‘needs’ to be done – most of which are not as important as hanging out with her. And when we do get together, the time is punctuated by other diversions – siblings, partners, nephews, cooking, chores – like any other family gatherings, I suppose. So my good intentions of giving her my time, where it’s just the two of us, rarely happens.

This story of my mum and me may resonate with you – cause you to think about what’s important in your life, but that you don’t necessarily make the time for. The adage ‘actions speak louder than words’ rings so true here: what we choose to make time for in our lives speaks volumes about what’s most important to us. (Note to self: social media is not more important than writing, or spending time with my husband.)

When I think of what I care about the most, I keep coming back to this: spending time with my immediate family and close friends, looking after my health (eating real food, walking, yoga, meditation), writing and contributing to the greater community – and to do them with consciousness.

Anything that takes me away from what matters to me deserves very little of my (or no) time. Because try as hard as I might, I can’t do it all – at least, not with full awareness. Besides, it makes life a one big blur, and rather stressful.

So this retreat is a conscious mark of putting what’s important to me first – and cultivating a life of purpose.

What do you want to make conscious time for?