Quinoa & kidney bean patties

Besides using quinoa in salads, I used it to make quinoa patties. I had some cooked kidney beans in the freezer, which I added to these patties. These are super easy to make when the quinoa and beans are pre-cooked. And they're super delicious too! Makes 7 patties. Serves 2–3 peeps. 1 cup (packed) cooked quinoa 1 cup… Continue reading Quinoa & kidney bean patties

Date & nut protein bars

I’ve called these little bars ‘protein bars’ because they contain quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), nuts, and eggs (if you’re making the non-vegan version). Quinoa is renowned for its high protein content compared to other cereals and grains, and is considered to be a complete protein because of its essential amino acid content.   Technically, quinoa is… Continue reading Date & nut protein bars