Crispy tempeh with sautéed greens

I can’t remember when or how I was introduced to tempeh. Tempeh, I find, has a nutty, mushroom-like taste. Which I like. And it’s a hearty, source of vegetarian protein too. It originated in Indonesia and is made of whole soy beans that have been soaked, cooked and fermented with the rhizopus oligosporus bacteria. The fermentation… Continue reading Crispy tempeh with sautéed greens

Sautéed beet leaves with coconut milk & capers

Beet greens are the leaves and stalks attached to beetroots. Have you ever eaten them? In case you didn’t know, they're edible, delicious and nutritious! Because beetroots are mostly sold in the supermarket without their leaves attached, many don’t know that these gorgeous leaves can be eaten and are highly nutritious (since they’re greens!). You… Continue reading Sautéed beet leaves with coconut milk & capers

Shaved zucchini & rocket salad

Greens are essential for healthy living. They help with purifying the blood, strengthening the immune system, and promoting healthy gut, liver and kidney function. Dark leafy green vegetables in particular — like rocket (arugula), kale, silverbeet (Swiss chard) and spinach — are full of many nutrients. Think calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins A, C and K,… Continue reading Shaved zucchini & rocket salad

Potato & radish leaves curry

I don’t know how we humans get into certain habits. Then continue on with them as if they’re the norm, without asking, why? Like throwing out perfectly good, nutritious and edible vegetable parts — which produces methane as it rots. Since I discovered that cauliflower leaves are edible, I now use them in my cooking. This… Continue reading Potato & radish leaves curry

Date & nut protein bars

I’ve called these little bars ‘protein bars’ because they contain quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), nuts, and eggs (if you’re making the non-vegan version). Quinoa is renowned for its high protein content compared to other cereals and grains, and is considered to be a complete protein because of its essential amino acid content.   Technically, quinoa is… Continue reading Date & nut protein bars