Baked pears with walnuts

This dish not only makes a sophisticated dessert, but also a yummy breakfast — especially with some natural yogurt and homemade muesli or some porridge. 4 firm Beurré Bosc pears, peeled, halved & cored 2 tbsp (30 ml) liquid coconut oil 2 tbsp (30 ml) maple syrup (optional) 1 tbsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed 1 tsp ground… Continue reading Baked pears with walnuts

Carrot & walnut cake with a coconut-lemon frosting

So...cakes need not  be naughty. (Did I hear you breathe a sigh of relief?) They can be part of a healthy lifestyle. But the proviso is they be baked from scratch with wholesome ingredients, and enjoyed on the odd (special) occasion. Like celebrating a loved one’s birthday or even Mothers’ Day. Which is how this… Continue reading Carrot & walnut cake with a coconut-lemon frosting

Date & nut protein bars

I’ve called these little bars ‘protein bars’ because they contain quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), nuts, and eggs (if you’re making the non-vegan version). Quinoa is renowned for its high protein content compared to other cereals and grains, and is considered to be a complete protein because of its essential amino acid content.   Technically, quinoa is… Continue reading Date & nut protein bars